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Watching your child eat and grow up is a beautiful sight. Time passes by and a child soon embarks on the journey of youth. But do you feel there is something wrong with your child growing up unhealthy running out of breath while he runs? Is your child not achieving a normal baby weight? Can you sense the need for urgency? Do you see your child suffering from obesity?

The earlier you realize that your child is being unhealthy, the better! Your child might be leading to obesity. It starts from childhood and can stick to your child all his/her life.

What are the causes of obesity in children?

  • The primary cause of obesity in children is the modern age eating and lifestyle choices, although genetics and hormones also play a role an important role. Untimely eating, junk eating, lack of exercise, more dependency on air conditioning and lack of outdoor exercises are the biggest reasons behind a child being obese.
  • Most children eat more than they can handle. It is because changes in the digestion modify the signals that let you know that you are full. This results in gathering a pool of fat in the body.
  • Hereditary is the key in determining if the child is obese due to his/her parents. If the parents are obese, then there is a higher chance of the child being overweight due too genes.
  • This goes without saying that lack of physical exercise and high intake of junk food are the major reasons for childhood obesity.
  • Many of you might not know this but even children suffer with stress these days. The stress of handling situations in school, adjusting to a new environment or coping up with studies, all can contribute to high stress levels and stress eating in children.  
  • Preserved and canned food that are easily available in the market are very harmful as these are high in calorie content and ends up making the child obese.
The good news is that you can measure childhood obesity. BMI or Body Mass Index helps in giving a clear picture of ideal weight according to body’s weight, age and height. This further helps in determining if the child is overweight or not.

Are there remedies to manage childhood obesity?

The most important part is understanding the reason behind a child’s obesity and the underlying complications. Accordingly, lifestyle changes, treatment and exercise schedule can be suggested.

  • How much is your child’s meal portion matters a lot. Every portion should be just the right size so that the child does not over eat.
  • Due to easily available foods in the market, children tend to eat out more often. Limiting your child’s eating out habits and motivating them to make healthy choices is very important.  
  • Sweets and foods rich in preservatives are serious enemies of due to their high calorie content. Rewarding your child with 1 sweet a month is a good way of limiting their sweet intake.
  • Physical exercise is very important for a fast metabolism. Parents should encourage their children to play outdoors rather than sitting infront of electronic devices all day.
  • It is very easy to indulge your child in his favorite hobby. This not only improves the physical state but also the mental state of a child as they start going out more.
  • There are chances that your child is facing difficulty in achieving normal baby weight due to an underlying disorder. It needs to be corrected in order to see necessary results.

Obesity treatment

It is not advisable for children to take conventional medications as they have serious side effects and can harm your child’s health in the long run. On the other hand, homeopathy helps in treating the root cause of obesity and keeping it away permanently. It is also a very helpful method in treating any psychological issue your child might be facing.

‘Treat it with homeopathy before it’s too late!’

You can consult our team of expert homeopathic doctors for a permanent, pain free and no side effects treatment for your child. We have successfully treated children and adults especially for weight reduction at YNORT Homeopathic Clinic. We provide a homeopathic treatment designed just for your child.

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