Our Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach of Homeopathy

‘Health’ the best gift of “MOTHER NATURE”, needs to be preserved, carefully by nurturing the essence of life and empowering it by using HOMOEOPATHIC PHILOSOPHY i.e. strengthening body’s-immune system, by offering highly effective medicines, with a constant focus on quality, research and cost-effectiveness.

Homeopathy is a simple, gentle and complete system of natural medication. It is a holistic science as the patients are treated as a whole- physically, mentally and emotionally – not just for the medical complaint they present with. It has been observed by the homeopaths that homeopathic medicine appears to encourage a person’s natural capability to self-heal and thus cut down the intensity of their symptoms.

Homeopathy is child friendly as the pills are sweet in taste and are willingly accepted by the children.

Our goal at YNORT is to ensure that our patients are completely self-heal with their natural capability of any symptoms.


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